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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Aggie

We're happy to tell you that Aggie has a new furever home.
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Aggie is not only absolutely adorable, but also a very busy entrepreneur! At times a professional singer (though some harsh critics say her voice sounds more like a door hinge); other times a junior hair stylist (she is determined to eat your hair!); sometimes a bakery chef intern (given her impressive kneading skills); and when she has extra time, a hole puncher specialising in cardboard pattern design! On her breaks, Aggie will follow you around the house and supervise everything you're doing. When Aggie finally tuckers herself out, she’ll curl up in your lap for some cuddling time.

Since Aggie is so young and full of energy, she requires another young cat in the house to play with. Aggie also loves to play with feather toys and laser pointers! Sometimes she’ll transform into her alter ego, a wild lioness, and growl at her feather toys if she can’t catch them. But once she is finally able to snatch one, she’ll prance around proudly with the toy in her mouth to make sure everyone can see. Aggie would do best in a household with children 6 or older.

Aggie is also a major foodie. She’ll do cute twirling dances as she sings for her food. Don’t wait too long to give it to her though, or she might start scolding you! Aggie is bursting with joy every day, and is ready to share that joy with her new family! If you think this beautiful little girl is the perfect kitty for you, reach out to Team Cat Rescue today!

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