T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters

I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Bob

We're happy to tell you that Bob has a new furever home.
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Bob and Lynda bring double the fun and double the love wherever they go!

Bob is the most relaxed and loving male cat his foster mom has ever met! He’s got the cutest meow which he’ll use to ask for belly rubs and who wouldn't want to rub such a fluffy belly?! He loves being picked up and brushed, chasing wand toys and lasers, napping and making biscuits on fuzzy blankets, and most of all: eating!

Lynda was ready to cuddle and play the minute she arrived at her foster home! She’s an outgoing girl who loves pets, kisses, and all sorts of affection. She wants to be where the action is, following her foster family around the house and curling up for a nap in the silliest of places like on top of the toilet or fridge. She’s super curious and loves to explore.

Bob and Lynda are bonded best buddies and they must be adopted together. This dynamic duo will bring so much joy to their forever home.

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