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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Dunning

We're happy to tell you that Dunning has a new furever home.
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Requries another young cat. No exceptions.

Hey, there, cat peeps!  My name's Dunning, and I'm looking to be your goofy house panther! 

Like a panther, I'm sleek and shiny, and it looks like I'm going to be a big guy when I finish growing. But of course, I'm gentle and friendly and fun-loving - my foster mom calls me a "goofy galoot". 

I love to spend time watching the world go by, and then punctuate that with a few fantastic bursts of wild energy. Give me a toy, wave a wand, or point the laser, and I'm all in!  Or if there's another fun-loving kitty around, then a good game of chase 'n wrestle will make my day. And make you laugh! 

I absolutely love people, and will purr at the drop of a hat. Pick me up, give me scritches, whatever. I'm there for it.  But I'm also independent enough that I can take time to go do my own thing when you're busy.

And if you enjoy conversation, I'm your guy.  Well, maybe not conversation so much as me telling you what's going on.  Every so often I just can't resist letting you know what I'm thinking... from the next room.  I'm a good boy, and will stop when you tell me to, but it'd be even better if you came to join me so we could have a few minutes of playtime! 

Oh, and I'm super with other cats! Even though I'm bigger than my fellow foster kittens where I am, I'm really good about not being too rough. And I'm never mean or bullying!  I do my very best to adjust my enthusiasm to match my playmate so we both get to have fun. 

I definitely need another young, playful cat in the house with me. If you don't already have one, I get along great with my foster sisters Nova and Sparkle, so either of them would be awesome! Or, Team Cat Rescue could help you find another great match. 

I'm great with the litterbox and scratching posts, and am only a little wiggly when it's time to get my nails trimmed.

Are you looking for an awesome fun cat buddy who'll make you smile and laugh? Here I am! 

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