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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Frozone

We're happy to tell you that Frozone has a new furever home.
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Frozone's Purriculum Vitae

Desired Position: Curled up on your lap. But always open to new opportunities.

Special Skills: Purring, snuggling, and gazing deeply into your eyes. Being ridiculously handsome. Providing smooches.

Previous Experience:  Frozone has extensive experience in the Loving Companion and Lap Warming industries.  He has earned the coveted "Floofy Boy of the Week" award every week since arriving in his foster home.  He has quickly mastered a variety of attention-getting techniques, including "Gently Tapping With One Paw", "Adorable Meows With Intense Eye Contact", "Sprawling Magnificently", and "Leaning On Legs, With Wraparound Tail". 

Education: Frozone is largely self-taught, but earned a Summa Cum Laude equivalency in Advanced Cuteness. 

Working Style:  Frozone thrives in an environment with plenty of hands-on interaction with both leadership and peers.

Minimum Salary: A loving family, food, and at least one other young kitty friend. Wand toy bonuses desirable but negotiable.

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