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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Hulk

We're happy to tell you that Hulk has a new furever home.
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Just like his namesake, Hulk is a pretty incredible cat. Built just like the strong green persona he is named after, Hulk is muscular with broad shoulders, a very short neck, and wide cheeks.

In terms of his personality, the only Hulk smashing that this guy does is by head butting your head with his head, which he just loves to do! This beautiful grey boy is very very affectionate and is happiest when you lie down on the floor with him and let him rub his head against your body as you pet him.

In fact, the way into Hulks heart is through his bum, by rubbing the place on his back just by the base of his tail. He absolutely adores it and will stick his bum way up so you can reach it better, his head on the ground will have his eyes closed and tongue sticking out in utter bliss. He will eventually lean into you until he flops over and snuggles up beside you. He also adores being brushed and he will purr and purr and purr.

Just like his alter ego Bruce Banner, Hulk’s past trauma has shaped his personality. He is skittish with loud noises and quick movements, so he would be happiest in a quiet and calm home without young children. Hulk is still getting used to the pain free lifestyle. Before he came to his foster home, he had surgery to fix his eyes as his eyelashes were growing inwards and painfully rubbing up on his eyes. Although his eyes don’t bother him anymore, Hulk still prefers if you give his eyes space while you are petting him.

Hulk loves his wet food and will meow at you when you get it ready to make sure that you don’t forget about him. You will know he’s happy when you see his tiny pink tongue sticking out, and hear his motor-like purring. Hulk also adores Temptation treats but if he had to choose, he will always prefer butt-pets to anything else. Hulk is only two years old, and has lots of wonderful years of head-butting and butt-petting ahead of him. This guy has a lot of love to give and if you think he would be a good fit, fill out an application so you can spend the rest of your days with this cute grey buddy Hulk-smashing your face with his chubby cheeks.

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