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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is KEATON

We're happy to tell you that KEATON has a new furever home.
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the wrong superhero, whoops? 😅

We’re just joking but all kidding aside, Keaton is certainly a character all his own!  This super-friendly boy is a real social butterfly, loving life with his previous foster siblings as well as being the current welcoming committee for anyone who graces him with their presence at his current foster location.  And boy is he curious about any and all comers who enter the store, as well as keeping an overall eye on the going’s-on around the place.  A true detective at heart! 🕵️‍♂️  He’s even quite intrigued by the dogs that come into the store, and will try to pat at them through his cage!

A recent comer to Team Cat, Keaton came to us after he got too big to be the kitten that his previous family wanted again, sadly.  A total love bug, he definitely has his cuddly moments following a good play session (just stay away from his no-fly zone aka his belly lol).  However he is quite the fan of a good head bump to show his appreciation, so you definitely don’t need to call for him three times to get his attention!  While he does enjoy to play, he can also get overstimulated at times with the occasional claw or love-bite, so for this reason he would do best in a family without young children.

A big tech guy, Keaton appears to also have a bit of a fixation with phones so watch out!  If you’re close by he loves to bat and grab at them to check out what’s up, which has definitely led to some fun photos and videos.  But at least you know he’s keeping on top of surveillance for you 👀

Habit wise, Keaton is a big fan of his wet food (fish over chicken please!) and is a sucker for his dome bed, though he does seem to prefer to end up on top of it rather than inside (all the better for keeping an eye on things!).  He’s also a big fan of hanging out in the sun, so a catio or even a nice big window would likely be a popular hangout place.

So if you’re looking for someone to steal your heart (and possibly your phone) look no further than this handsome fella, Keaton!!

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