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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Kelby

We're happy to tell you that Kelby has a new furever home.
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I'm a super-sweet guy who's looking for the perfect lap to curl up in. That's about all... though I confess, I love being brushed and having my chin scritched more than just about anything in the world. Bliss!

What makes me different? When I was just a youngster I came out the loser in a "cat versus car" situation. I had surgery to help fix me up, but there's only so much that can be done when a big ol' vehicle smacks a cute little cat! So while I'm a happy guy, my back end isn't as cooperative as my front end!  I walk pretty funny, and if I'm on slippery floors, my hind legs slide out from under me sometimes.  I'm not what you'd call "graceful", to say the least! So my ideal home would have plenty of carpets or rugs.  But it's not all bad - in fact, you might even find there are some benefits to having a cat like me!  I can get myself up onto a sofa, but I'm definitely not going to be hopping up on your counters and knocking over your knick-knacks!  However, I'm still an excellent fly-hunter and will protect you from their airborne assaults... as long as they stay within a couple of feet of ground level. 

But like I said, my real desire is to have a home where someone will let me love them, and will give me chin rubs and maybe a treat now and then.  Oh, and I'd really love if I could have a nice step up to the bed so I can sleep close to my person. Maybe on a pillow - I have a gift for pretty much becoming a liquid and melting into a pillow.  

With proper introductions, I'm great with other cats, but because of my old injuries, I'm not really into chasing or wrestling. So maybe a calm, older kitty friend and I could hang out and lick one another's foreheads sometimes.  

My foster mom says I'm very handsome and have beautiful eyes - they've been described as "flirty", and I'd love to work my flirting magic on you.  

Are you looking for a chill loverboy to make your home even happier? Maybe I can help!  


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