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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Milkshake

We're happy to tell you that Milkshake has a new furever home.
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Milkshake is a super shy boy at first but give him a bit of time to settle in and he’s sure to bring all the boys to your yard in no time! 😉

All jokes aside, he’s also quite playful and inquisitive once he gets more comfortable in his surroundings, so the most important thing for Milkshake is that he finds a wonderful home who will be patient with him. 

Even though he can be shy and will hide a lot at first, he is also very curious and enjoys playing with toys by himself.  He is more comfortable at night at the beginning and will take the chance to explore his new surroundings in the dark, so don’t mind the miniature void moving around after hours. His foster mom always finds toys in random places in the next morning! 

You will know when Milkshake is starting to feel more comfortable - he will start lying down in front of you and roll around and stretch while making adorable meows/chirping sounds and making eye contact with you! He definitely wants to be close and spend time with his hooman and will show it! Once he is even more settled, he will politely ask for scratches and pats (around the ears, cheeks and neck as well as above the bum is his fave!) and he even loves (gasp!) belly rubs. He will purr and roll around and even drool to show his hooman how much he loves all the pets and love.

He is good with other cats and needs a cat friend in his forever home and has no litter box issues - yay!  His foster mom thinks he can be a super sweet cat in the right home once he’s given time to settle in, so can you be that happy home for him? 🙏🏻

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