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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Rosebud

We're happy to tell you that Rosebud has a new furever home.
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Rosebud has been affectionately given the nickname Buddy, and she lives up to her name. She’ll be a true friend through thick or thin, and maybe one day, you and Buddy will be spoken of together along with other great duos through history - Bert and Ernie, Goose and Maverick, Scully and Mulder - but first, she just needs someone to take a chance on her.

Rosebud enjoys nothing more than living her cottagecore fantasy - like snoozing and sunbathing in big windows, and lounging in piles of fresh clean laundry (bonus points if it’s still warm from the dryer)! And Buddy is no toy snob - catnip, wands, scratchpads, anything you have on hand can keep her entertained, she just loves to play - although she’s TERRIBLE at Fortnite.

While still learning to trust people, Buddy is reigning Miss Congeniality of her foster family’s feline household - her schedule is fully booked with playdates and social engagements with the other cats and the foster kittens she currently lives with. She loves to chase and be chased by the kittens, and while she may look like a heavyweight contender - she’s actually a gentle giant with them.

Buddy is still developing her sense of adventure - while she still keeps her distance from most people, she will pop into any rooms you are in for a quick hello, though may be enticed to stay around longer if you had some Temptations or Churus on hand.

Although she is shy at first and learning to trust, she has been making progress and blossomed so much since first joining her foster family. Her perfect home has one or more cats, no kids, and probably no dogs. We also think she would be best in a home with a more experienced adopter, who can read her more subtle cues and body language.

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