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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Stephen

We're happy to tell you that Stephen has a new furever home.
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Wow, check out this gorgeous guy! Stephen is a beautiful Burmese cat with the softest, glossiest fur and piercing blue eyes… whoa, we just got lost in them for a second. And that toasted marshmallow coat… we just want to reach out and pet him! Move over Bella Hadid, there’s a new supermodel in town!

But don’t think this cat is too cool for school - he loves to play, get goofy, and be the centre of attention. He’s a social butterfly who gets along with everyone - including other animals and children, provided that they know how to pet and play gently. Stephen isn’t one to hide when your friends and family drop by for a visit either - a stranger is just a friend that Stephen hasn’t met yet. This sweet boy just loves to be around people, and people will love to be around him in return.

And wanna test out your manicure skills? You’ll have the perfect helper with Stephen, who will even allow strangers to give his nails a trim. Usually this is a task that requires a small army of veterinary technicians equipped with kevlar bodysuits, but Stephen is one chill dude! And seriously, your couch will thank you.

Stephen is the total package - he’s got model looks, an easy-going personality, and loves to play (so he’ll actually play with the toys that arrive in the Amazon box and not just the box itself). He does require urinary care food. So if you’re ready for Stephen to catwalk into your home, please reach out to Team Cat Rescue today!

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