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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Stu

We're happy to tell you that Stu has a new furever home.
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Oh Stu. This beautiful boy was found outside in a backyard in the freezing December days before Christmas. After being brought in from the cold, he slowly and surely started warming up to the indoor life and people. And with a bit of time, love, and affection, we came to understand that although Stu may have spent his days out in the cold, his personality was anything but frosty.

Although this former feral looks like a tough street cat who has been through battle - he’s got some fur missing from around one eye, big canine teeth that sometimes stick out from under his lips, and a large hulking body that slips in and out of any shadows - underneath it all, is the biggest softie ever. Stu is a massive sweetheart and a giant ham. He absolutely adores being pet, loves being brushed, and will flop over right next to your lap where he will gladly accept all the chin scritches that he can get. And with his black nose, black whiskers, black toe beans, and beautiful, midnight black fur (that actually is white at the ends closer to his body) - his cuteness is impossible to resist! Stu will even show off his belly and accept belly rubs! He’s a gentle giant with a lot of love to give.

Stu can take a little time to adapt to new environments and people but once he gets used to a place, he will be your best friend. He will greet you with a rather operatic meow when you bring his breakfast to him and he will curl up next to you to sleep at night. He is good with his litter box, is not a picky eater, and loves chasing toys. Stu gets along fantastically with the other cats in the house. After his time living outside, he is looking for a caring home, where he can relax to his heart’s content.

If you’re ready for a best buddy like Stu, please reach out to Team Cat Rescue today!

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