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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Mrs Baird

We're happy to tell you that Mrs Baird has a new furever home.
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For anyone looking to make the best “investment” into their life, be sure to listen up!  The incomparable Mrs. Baird is here, and she is ready to “park” herself right into your heart! 😉

This sweet girl has made herself quite at home in her foster location, and is happy to welcome one and all to her domain with her gentle and affectionate nature.  She’s even slowly warming up to the occasional canine visitor (though a bit more time may be needed on that front and she may never completely be a fan of them.  But she’s trying anyway because she’s so awesome like that!)

A moderately active kitty, she will happily do battle with her favourite catnip mouse but also loves to kick back and relax with her many naps throughout the day. It’s hard work being this adorable, after all!  This girl is also totally here for pets and snuggles, so be prepared to be hardcore cuddled if you decide to bring this cutie home 🥰

And not that you’ll likely need this trick, but a really quick way to her heart is through the ol’ crunchy treat method.  This girl has a treat-tooth for sure, so watch out!  She’s also quite good about eating both wet and dry foods, so getting her into a feeding routine shouldn’t be an issue.

So what more can we say?  We think anyone willing to take a chance on this marvelous girl will be getting one spectacular kitty, so be sure to take the “bull” by the horns and “buy in” on Mrs. Baird while you can! ❤️

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