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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Turbo

We're happy to tell you that Turbo has a new furever home.
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Now, you may have mistaken Turbo for Puss in Boots - and although he is equally as handsome and charismatic - Turbo has some very unique qualities that set him apart! Perhaps most distinctly, Turbo’s back legs are paralyzed. But does this courageous boy let that slow him down? Not in the slightest! Turbo loves to play, especially with his foster siblings. He’s a born hunter! But if you need a break, Turbo won’t judge you for binge watching your shows - in fact, he’ll watch them right along with you.

Although Turbo is able to go number two in a litter box, his back leg paralysis means that he can’t urinate on his own, so he needs help with expressing his bladder around 3 times daily. Expressing his bladder is easy enough to learn how to do and takes around 5 minutes. Once you’ve got it down, around 15 minutes per day is spent assisting Turbo express his bladder - which is less time than it takes to walk a dog! The process is no big deal for Turbo, since he’s been doing this since he was quite young. He’ll even let you know when he needs your help to pee! It’s just everyday life for him. (Just avoid catnip - it makes Turbo a bit TOO relaxed!) Expressing a cat’s bladder may sound scary at first, but once you actually see the process, you’ll recognize that the benefits of giving Turbo a forever home far outweigh any downsides. 

Turbo came to Team Cat over two years ago, after being rescued from a neglectful home. Despite all of these hardships, he’s sweet and affectionate, and just waiting to find the right person to give all of his love to. This boy just needs someone loving and committed to take a chance on him! 

Turbo doesn’t know he’s any different from the other cats. He would thrive in a household with older children or adults, and at least one other kitty around to play with. If you think you’re that person, reach out to Team Cat Rescue today!

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