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I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Wendy

We're happy to tell you that Wendy has a new furever home.
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Wendy’s elegant tuxedo coat gives her an incredibly sophisticated look, but underneath, she’s actually a huge purring machine! She’s still a bit of a chonker, and is on a diet plan to help her lose more weight in order to live a healthy life. Luckily, she loves to bat around her cat toys, which helps to keep her active! That’s a good thing, since the rest of the time, Wendy is more likely to be stretched across the couch. She is a huge couch potato, and her deepest desire is to have her head petted all day long!

Wendy hasn’t been tested with other cats, dogs, or children, but given her social personality, she would likely be fine after a proper introduction. Unfortunately, Wendy was declawed by a previous owner, but this doesn’t affect her zest for life!

Wendy is not afraid to use her voice when she wants something. She has a hilariously unique meow that those who don’t know her may initially mistake for a duck quack. Although this big lovebug may have some years under her belt, that doesn’t mean she has any less spunk than a kitten! All you need to do is call her name, and she’ll come and follow you wherever you go. Talk to her, and she’ll keep up the conversation! If you think Wendy the Chonky Couch Potato is the purrfect match for you, contact Team Cat Rescue today!

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