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The day I met this cat I call mine I thought he wouldn’t make it. Kazushi came to me as a foster on medical hold from having an obstruction surgery, and being treated for burn wounds on both of his shoulders.

I remember carrying him in his crate and thinking to myself how tiny this cat must be because he was so light! I opened the crate and out came the longest noodle of a feline I had ever seen in my life. There he was, a medical cone framed around his gaunt face, bright red onesie to cover his surgery stitches and burns, and the saddest meow I’d ever heard.
The following months of rehabilitation both physically and emotionally were some of the most rewarding months of my life. He transformed before my eyes into the sweetest, most wonderful, big and healthy boy that he is today.

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago he was abandoned by his ‘family’ at a kill shelter after not eating for 3 whole weeks. I am so thankful that Team Cat Rescue stepped in and saw the potential in this boy, had a whole fundraiser for his surgery and saved his life. Because of this organization, my days are filled with big kitty snuggles, sweet canary-like meows, and so much love.

I named him Kazushi after the UFC Hall of Famer, Kazushi Sakuraba because of the strength and perseverance during his recovery. It was a fitting name for such an unbelievably strong boy.
Kazu spends his days lounging around, meowing for treats, ‘hunting’ for fruit flies, and outsmarting me.
… And they lived Happily Furever After!

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