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We were looking for a cat to fill a whole in not only our family but our other cats heart. Our late cat, Nugget, was only 2.5 and passed suddenly from a heart defect. This left our 17 year old cat Zelda lonely and becoming more vocal as she grieved the loss of her friend. When I asked a few volunteers at Team Cat Rescue that I'd been in contact with previously, if it was worth getting Zelda a buddy, it was determined we should try it out for Zelda!

One of Team Cats advisors mentioned that a 17 year old cat was arriving from Montreal that weekend. She was dumped for being too vocal after her feline brother died. Her family was unwilling to allow her to grieve and dropped her off at a kill shelter. I felt that it was really meant to be!! I have such a soft spot for seniors and have always loved them. I love that you already know their personality and they have a little less energy. Oly is settling in really well. Her and Zelda are getting closer every day, right now they eat just a couple feet from each other with no issues at all! Oly is making sure that our dog is clear that the cats rule this house. Which only requires a sideways look as our dog is quite the chicken, and happily letting Oly be in charge. Our toddler is also in love with Oly. They love to go find her to wake her up for breakfast (as Oly is deaf so she doesn't know when we get up). Oly has fit perfectly into our family.

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