T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters


Where would you be without your best friend? It’s important to have someone who loves you unconditionally, knows all your secrets and makes you feel safe. Sometimes cats form bonds with siblings or other cats in their homes and become best friends. These bonded pairs cannot be separated for their own happiness and well-being, and they give you a great opportunity to have two wonderful cats in your home.

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Five Reasons to Adopt a Bonded Pair

  1. Happier cats – Cats are social animals, not meant to be left alone for ages. A lonely kitten can feel agitated or bored. Bonded cats give each other comfort and a playmate, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your fur-babies are happy at home while you’re at work all day.
  2. Twice the rescue – Adopting a cat from Team Cat Rescue means saving a life. Adopting a bonded pair of cats means rescuing best friends, saving them from a terrible fate and giving them a new life in your forever home.
  3. 200% more love for 150% of the work – A bonded pair of cats is more self-sufficient than one lonesome cat, and that confidence results in cats that are more affectionate and relaxed. The work involved in caring for a pair isn’t double…they will be on the same feeding schedule and the litter box will still need a daily clean.
  4. Easier integration into your home – If you think you might want more than one pet in the future, it’s much simpler to adopt two cats who already co-exist peacefully. Introducing a new pet to a cat that’s already happily established can be tricky.
  5. Happier humans – Cats that play together while their humans are away at work or school are cats that are less likely to resort to undesirable behaviour for attention. Bonded kittens teach each other about acceptable play and keep each other company. It’s a great pleasure to have a pair cat besties in your home and they show little humans how nice it is when we all get along.

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