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After the passing of a beloved super senior cat, my partner and I wanted to pay forward the love and experience we gained from caring for a senior cat, and began our search to open our home up to another wonderful senior. We love the idea of having a retirement space for cats and adopting an older cat for a second chance is one of the most wonderful gifts anyone can give.

Enter Charmin: I recall looking for senior cats on Petfinder, and laughed uncontrollably at the photo I came across. Charmin, grey 8 years old and a little more to love. At 18lbs, Charmin was so overweight that her pink collar was up behind her ears. She needed help and I couldn’t stop laughing. She was the one.

Charmin was given up by her previous owner in lieu of “do over” kitten, but her intake papers said that she was violent towards the kitten and was given up. I still can’t believe that anyone would want to give her up or that her sadly clawless paws could do any kind of lasting damage!

Charmin is one of the most gentle, sweet and hilarious cats I have ever met. With a voice like smoker’s 2 pack a day habit, she lets you know what she wants and when she is displeased with a situation (80% of the time). She loves a warm lap, tall places, a nice plain box, yogurt snacks and the ratty old cat wand she arrived with, which she still plays with at age 13. Complaints about late dinner and blankets she would prefer not to walk on are numerous, with a raspy-voiced head shake, illustrate her hilarious attitude.

Five years after adoption, she is sitting at a healthy 10lbs and continues to thrive and rule in our home with 3 other much younger cats. She holds her own and everyone knows that Charmin is the boss around here. Adopting Charmin has changed our lives for the better and I know she will leave an indelible mark on our hearts for ever. Get yourself a senior cat, you won’t regret it!!!

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