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bow and arrow

Sometimes the best way to heal a broken heart is to give someone your love. In the case of Bow and Arrow, their furever family took a chance on a bonded pair of bonded adult cats with FIV - A set of characteristics which would typically put them at the bottom of the list for most adopters. Lucky for them, their humans saw past the stigmas, and chose to love them for their personalities! Their mom sent us the following:

“Besotted and smitten is what we are with our bonded pair. We'd lost our two greyhounds within a couple of weeks of each other and had no intention of committing to other pets so quickly but found ourselves window shopping the TEAM Cat Adoptables' page.

We initially made an application for a boy who couldn't travel and we lived an hour from Toronto. Then there was a bonded pair of young boys but ultimately it was Obi-Wan (now Bow) and Nero (now Arrow), a pair of older (approx. 6 years old) FIV positive bonded pair who melted our hearts.

We brought them home and let them explore with supervision. They seemed content to play with each other and to let us feed them and keep their litter box clean.

In time they mellowed and accepted us as their family. It was so joyful! It's now been two years and they're big boys now, weighing approximately 14.5 lbs! They amuse, entertain and challenge us. Bow is a charmer and always curious and looking for trouble. He comes to snuggle while we watch TV. Arrow shows up whenever we sit still long enough for him to jump up on one of our laps for hugs and love.

We cannot thank TEAM enough for the work they do, and for bringing our bonded family together.”
When adopting, please consider the cats who are seen as “less adoptable”. Often, the stigmas surrounding their circumstances are actually bonuses! Personalities should be key in choosing the animals that you love for life

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