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dr winkers

Different is Beautiful – But special needs cats can take longer to be adopted.
Unfortunately, potential adopters often view special needs kitties as “broken”, ask “what’s wrong” with them, or feel pity for them, all of which can make it challenging for them to find forever families. What’s often overlooked is the cats’ overwhelming ability to adapt to their challenging circumstances.

It’s extremely inspiring to witness the resilience of a cat like Dr. Winkers, who’s traumatic past resulted in him losing an eye, but never losing his hope. His single eye and tough past didn’t deflate his kind and gentle spirit, which he eagerly bestowed upon his new family and Stevie, his new tiny Chihuahua sister.

Dr. Winkers proves that it’s never too late to give a special needs kitty a second chance, and that it can be extremely rewarding to the family who adopts them. Sometimes we can see more with our hearts than we can with our eyes. The Happy Tail of Dr. Winkers’ is a heart-warming story of a special needs kitty who got a second chance at a new life and a very special forever family. Here’s what they had to say about the joy he brought them when he joined their family.
“Dr. Winkers came into our lives after the sudden passing of Percival, our first cat. I have a real thing for fluffy orange cats and when I saw his photo, I knew he had to be a part of our family. He suffered some unknown trauma early in his life which led to him losing his eye, but you would never know he’d had a hard start. He is so loving, gentle, and trusting – especially with our two small children. He also has a very sweet friendship with our rescued Chihuahua Stevie.
They play and wrestle like puppies, he grooms her and they sun bathe together every day. Dr. Winkers also has the softest fur I have ever touched, and I’ve touched a lot of cats! He has been a part of our family for three years now and I am thankful every day to have him. Thank you TEAM Cat Rescue for saving him and bringing him home!”

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