T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters



There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child. Luckily for us, these bonds need not be biological.
Emma came to us from Quebec, pregnant, and with a severe respiratory tract infection. Nevertheless, she managed to steal hearts even during her brief stay at a Pet Valu, making herself known as a social and friendly lady, and chasing employees around the store to give them kisses.

Sadly, she had to be hospitalized almost immediately after being brought to the store. However, one worker recalls that she couldn't forget about Emma. She pestered the staff at TEAM for news on her condition, which had become more complicated due to suspected ringworm—on top of everything else. But happily, a month later, Emma returned to the Pet Valu, with two babies in tow. She didn't know it yet, but she already had a mother waiting for her there: someone who couldn't rest until she knew Emma was well, and was waiting for the happy day that she could take her home.
Since then, Emma has proven herself to be a kind, friendly, and loving companion to everyone she meets. She has become the true mother of her household, even adopting her owner's previous cat, Sylvester. She is sensitive to people's emotions, comforting them when they need comfort, following them around when they need company, and always giving love to all.

We must use Emma's example to remember never to judge a book by its cover or a cat by her illnesses—you never know how much joy is waiting for you in a feline friend.

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