T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters


loki and duke

Last weekend, Duke (now Zorro) was welcomed into his new furever home, where he met his new furever buddy, Loki. Sadly, Loki's bonded buddy passed away recently and Loki has been really devastated. His mom, Danielle, t...hought he might like a new cat to cheer him up and play with. It was a bit of a bumpy start at first -- Zorro is still very much a kitty and wants to play all the time!! But you'll be pleased to know that now Loki is very much a happy boy with Zorro and they are playing together. Zorro is a big cuddler and will fit right in with his new family. We love happy endings Congratulations to Zorro and Loki and your furever parents

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