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Every cat deserves a home. Please read the most incredible story of our friend Chowder, an emaciated, wounded stray who found his forever home with the most incredible family.

'We first came across Chowder on Pet Finder. He was the saddest looking little kitty we’d ever seen. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and said “we need to give him a home”. We submitted an application right away and within days we were meeting our fur baby for the very first time. Chowder was a little scared and I don’t blame him. This little guy had been shot with a bb gun, abandoned outside, infected with FIV and lost most of his teeth, and that’s just the stuff we know of.

When we brought him home he spent the first few hours in the closet but quickly came out as soon as dinner time rolled around. After dinner he curiously moseyed over to the new Food Givers and within minutes was up on the couch with us purring up a storm and in bliss to be getting so many pets and skritches.

I can’t really put into words how happy we are to have Chowder in our lives. He brings us SO much joy and seeing him grow and thrive has been one of the most rewarding journeys. Chowder has made us fall in love with him and as a result also fall in love with all the senior, underdog kitties of the world. I can only speak to our experience but I think there is something truly special about taking in an older kitty so in need of a loving home.

Chowder (Chow, Chooch, Choo, Choo-Choo Train, Choochi) will spend his golden years watching over Toronto from his 30th floor window, swaddled in blankets, scarfing back glorious wet food and getting as much love as our hearts can give and as many skritches as our hands can bare.

I can’t say this enough but Team Cat Rescue has been such an incredible community to be part of since adopting Chow. The love, support and friendship has been truly amazing.

If I could leave people with anything out of this I’d say don’t overlook the older or kitties or ones that seem like they may be a little extra work. The payback from what you put into them is MORE than worth it and SO rewarding'
.... And they lived Happily Furever After.

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