T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters



I think one of my favourite things about senior cats is they really seem to know what’s good in life, they want some love, some food and good place to run around and nap. And of course they want their human and will claim you as theirs.

A few of the reasons I love having my senior cat Fatpants as my housemate: He is super bonded to me, he really appreciates having you and will show his love in weird and wonderful ways. He is the cuddle master! He is a super funny character, with some strange behaviours, that are oh so entertaining. He doesn’t let being blind stop him from doing anything (he is definitely part raccoon) and most days I think he secretly can see! He is more calm do to age, but when he does get his daily burst of energy it’s even more sweet to see. Love my big weirdo so much!

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