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GUYS!! Guys!! It's me, Charlie!! Remember me? I'm the cat that can type (but I'll be taking a long nap after this post, it's hard typing with paws!) -- anyway, I wanted to let you guys know something. I AM TYPING FROM MY FUREVER HOME! Two wonderful people adopted me -- Alison and Chris -- and now I even have three other cat-sisters and brothers! Wow, I can't believe it! I'm still getting used to everyone but I am feeling really comfortable and happy in my new home. I just can't believe it finally happened! I am very lucky. My foster parents keep telling everyone how sweet I am, so maybe they are lucky too. Okay, I gotta jet because my brothers and sisters want to play, but maybe you'll hear from me again with an update! Until then, thanks for helping me get adopted and check out all my other furbaby friends who are still looking for homes through Team Cat Rescue!

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