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If you met Snarfles today, you would have no idea of the tragic life he's lived. This darling, affectionate boy was sent around from foster to foster after being rescued from Hamilton Animal Control, before finally finding a more permanent foster home. He was dubbed "Snarfles" because of his perpetual congestion, which made him sound like he was breathing through a scuba mask.

His foster quickly discovered just how loving this sweet, funny boy was. He was eventually adopted, rejected, and sent to live in a garage before being taken back by a rescue. He was adopted again, and then returned. At two years old, this caused obvious depression in Snarfles, who couldn't understand why nobody wanted him. The previous rescue shut down and eventually Snarfles made his way into the Team Cat Rescue family, where he was fostered by our own Judy, whose oldest cat had just been put down. By this time, his "snarfling" was even worse, so Team Cat Rescue gave him a full vetting, with x-rays and biopsies and flushes. He finally improved through this extensive therapy, and could breathe much better. His broken heart, however, took longer to mend.

Snarfles fell in love quickly, and therefore took each rejection even harder. He always gave 100% of his love away, with cuddles, hugs, and purrs, and he'd snuggle up to you at night like a teddy bear, or a hat. Finally, Judy decided to adopt him and heal his broken heart. He finally realized this was his forever home, and had so much love to give again that now he helps to foster the cats Judy cares for! They line up for their turn to get one-on-one attention from him. This is the difference love can make: Snarfles moved from being a rejected stray to a foster "mom" himself, making sure that no kitties under his watch go without the love they deserve.

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