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This Happy Tail is the story of Puffy. It’s a reminder of how adopting a cat can be a positive, healing experience – not just for the cat, but for you too. When you adopt a cat, you are giving a second chance and a new life to another creature. You are also embarking on a shared journey, and just as you’ve improved the cat’s life, they can improve yours. Puffy found a loving forever home, and his adopter found a new family member and best friend:

“Last year my life was a bit of a mess. My relationship of 6 years (a significant chunk of time for me- I was 26!) ended, and for the first time I was truly on my own. I went to the PetSmart down the road with some friends who were looking to adopt. They dragged me out because they knew that looking at kitties would cheer me up. What none of us knew was that this trip would change my life!
We were looking at all the adorable kittens at eye level, and I happened to glance down and I saw this chubby striped boy looking up at me. When I squatted down to take a better look at him, he looked at me and rolled onto his back, and my heart melted. I had to have him!
A month went by and I got the best gift ever of a new best buddy, my partner in crime, my 'Big Special Puff'/'Big Handsome Man' (he goes by both). I love him so much and he has done wonders for me emotionally and psychologically.
He is the friendliest little champ and he loves attention and pets from anyone and everyone. He brightens even my darkest of days! Even my parents, who 'hate cats,' absolutely adore him. I’m so lucky and grateful for what Team Cat Rescue has done for me – this organization has given me my own little family!
Puffy (or Puffer, Pufferoni, Pufferelli... he has a lot of nicknames and he answers to all of them) loves pets, chasing lasers and buttons/coins, and treats. He loves to snuggle and he loves belly, neck, and head rubs. He's the 'bestest kitty in the whole wide world' and I tell him that every day.”

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