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Lost your cat??

Few things are more heartbreaking that realizing that your pet is lost. Quick action can make all the difference.Once you have determined that your cat is not hiding inside your home, it is crucial that you take these steps as soon as possible.

Step One: Post on helpinglostpets.com.

This site will distribute your lost pet's information

to local shelters, vet clinics, Lost Pet Facebook pages and registered local residents. It will also create eye-catching posters which are crucial to finding your pet.

Step Two: Familiar smells

Put our his/her dirty litter box outside and/or a favourite blanket. Something that has a familiar smell to guide them home. This works as many pets turn up within a few hours of this being done. You may also want to put out smelly food such as tuna or sardines. Cats depend on their sense of smell far more than their sense of sight.

Step Three: Canvas the area.

Put up posters EVERYWHERE. Community mail boxes, lamp posts, condo notice boards. Anywhere that it will be noticed. Hand deliver posters to each of your neighbours as well as your local mailman. Most lost pets are taken in by someone who think they are a stray or looking for the owner.

Also, put up a large LOST sign in front of your house to let your neighbours know that your pet is missing.

Important: Ask your neighbour if you can check under their deck/porch, in their sheds or garage or any other possible hiding spot. Don't rely on your neighbour to do it because cats may hid in fear but may come out if they see you.

If you have another pet, take that pet with you on your search. If it is a cat, put him/her in a carrier as your lost cat may come to him/her. If you have a dog, then make sure he is leashed so that you don't lose your other pet. Also if your cat likes treats, take a treat bag with you and shake it.

Most cats hunt for food between dusk and dawn so that is the best time to go looking.

Give school kids your poster and offer a reward. Kids notice animals and the reward will motivate them to help.

Please follow these tips in this link www.catsinthebag.org as they have been successful for others. Most cats are found very close by.

Other tasks:

Also check Kijiji for ads for lost pets or even pets for sale. People do steal pets and sell them for cash online so be wary of that.

Contact your local animal control and shelter every few days to remind them that your cat is missing. If you cat came in with no identification, s/he may be considered a stray and in many places a stray hold is 3-7 days before the cat is put up for adoption.

Also keep in mind that if you have railroad tracks or a river near your home, animals tend to follow those by instinct. So it would be a good idea to include those areas in your search.


Most importantly: Please never give up as many cats are found weeks after going missing. Some even months. And make sure that every one of your neighbours gets a poster and you put posters everywhere. Also contact local vet clinics as someone may bring him in to get him checked for a microchip.

Once s/he is found, please be sure that s/he always has a collar with up to date tags and is microchipped. Even if your pet never goes outside unsupervised, accidents happen too often no matter how diligent you may be.

Good luck!!!

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