T.E.A.M. = Together Every Animal Matters



When Grey and I decided we were going to adopt a cat we knew we wanted to adopt one that may have a hard time finding a home. We were aware that sadly senior cats are less likely to be adopted than younger ones. We found Chowder on Pet Finder and his picture
broke our hearts. This little old man had been abandoned outside in the cold Quebec winter, shot with a bb gun, infected with FIV and was missing all but 2 of his teeth. We knew immediately that we wanted to give him the best rest of his life we could.

Now, almost 2 years later Chowder is a playful, happy, healthy and completely adored little gentleman. Neither Grey or I had adopted a senior animal before and could have never imagined how fulfilling it would be to see this old guy grow and flourish in our home. We
love Chowder with all our hearts and seeing him in a warm, quiet, loving home is such a gift he's given us that I am forever grateful for. If I could leave you with anything it would be to not overlook the senior kitties. They have so much love to give and deserve nothing but the best.

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