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bram and sam adopted

Hi, it's Bram and Samwell writing to you from our new forever home! One night we fell asleep in our foster home and when we woke up we were told it was now our forever home...see magic does happen and dreams ...do come true! We had been wishing and hoping and praying for a place to permanently plant our paws after our long, hard journey. You see, we were not always this lucky, we started life off by being dumped at a gassing shelter in Quebec but magic happened again and Team Cat rescued us along with our two sisters. We arrived in Ontario and Rhonda was waiting for us with arms wide open. All seemed great for the first few days but then we all got really sick. The next ten days were horrible and we protested taking our medication daily and did not make things easy. Sadly, medication could not save my sisters and they both passed away. After ten days of protests we felt better again. It was then that the real fun started. We started exploring every bookcase and nook and cranny we could...we even explored our new bulldog sister and made ourselves at home by introducing ourselves to the other feline siblings. I guess we did a great job of it because our foster parents decided we could stay! See guys, when you have a dream and you wish hard enough, miracles happen!

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