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bea nd hugo

Meet Hugo and Bea, a solidly bonded pair who were lucky to be adopted together from Team Cat Rescue three years ago. They were very different; Hugo was sweet and shy, but quick to hide from people - and especially wary of men. Bea was an extroverted lap cat, who greeted new people with enthusiasm.

When their human parents-to-be first met them at their foster mum’s house, they were taken with Hugo’s sass, as he interacted with the foster family’s dogs. He’d lie on the couch and playfully smack the pups as they walked by. Even though he hadn’t warmed up to humans yet, one could see he had the capacity to become a friendly cat. But not alone! Hugo needed Bea, his polar opposite and now bonded pair mate. From Bea, Hugo could learn that his new human parents were safe, as he observed them cuddling and holding her.

When they were first adopted, Hugo would hide whenever somebody entered the house. But Bea had his back. She taught him a few things about how safe and loved they were in their new home. Now, Hugo greets his humans at the door when they come home. Guests are also welcome. He has so much love to give; it just needed to be unlocked. Now, you can find Hugo sitting like a toddler on his parents’ laps. He also likes to sneak up on Bea for a few laughs. They’re a great pair.

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