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Contrary to her grumpy-cat markings, Frankie (formerly Cherry Blossom), who was rescued from a hoarding situation, is a happy, affectionate cat who loves to follow her human mommy around!

Her mom-to-be fell in love with the tiny one-year old who was fast asleep in her cage while being showcased at PetSmart. Frankie immediately woke up and started rubbing against the glass of her cage, waiting to be noticed. How could anybody resist? The decision to adopt the young cat was made there and then.

Her new brother to be, Flynn, was not terribly thrilled by his new little sister at first. Flynn had to learn to give Frankie some space, so that she could have time to sniff out the new premises and get her bearings. What gratitude she displayed when she was done sniffing!

That first night, she slept with her human mommy, purring and kneading all night. She explored and became comfortable in her new surroundings. As Flynn and Frankie got to know each other, they gradually became friendly. After only two months together, you’d begin to find the adopted siblings cleaning each other’s ears, and people watching through the window together!

Frankie is thriving in her new home, has put on some much needed weight. She loves to stick her grumpy little face in her mommy’s face to ask for food. She also loves following her mommy around, ever grateful to be in her new, loving family.

Don’t be afraid to adopt a second rescue into your home! With the proper introduction, and Team Cat Rescue’s advice, your new adoptee will adapt to its new home, and your resident cat will enjoy the company of a new sibling. Because what cat wouldn’t love a partner for naps, cuddles, baths and play?

Rescue animals have so much love to give, and they’re so easy to love back. Show them some attention and affection, and you have a companion for life. If you’re ready to grow your single-cat home to a dual-cat home, check out the Team Cat Rescue postings. A knowledgeable representative will explain all pertinent criteria to you. Together you can select the right cat for your home. Is it time for your cat to have a baby brother or sister?

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